Located in Lamplighter Square in Saint Louis County. The ambiance of culture and history found in Salon Antebellum is a true experience that makes you feel the unique culture and structure found right here in St. Louis. Salon Antebellum was built from architectural salvage found in St. Louis, handpicked and refinished by the owner, Kelly Bileddo.  Kelly has always been fascinated with the beauty found in dated furnishing and buildings through the city. The curves and beauty in historic buildings downtown and the decal in old wood furnishing was the inspiration for designing Salon Antebellum, while the history of St. Louis' culture helped shape the unique atmosphere it withholds. Such shapes in the hair are much like those found in surrounding architecture. Where one would find something old and ill-fitting, Kelly would find beauty and purpose. Salon Antebellum is an environmentally friendly salon; we strive to be green to the best of our ability so that we can survive for many decades to come.​