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I have been drawn to the beauty industry from a very young age. I have always had a passion for cutting, coloring, and styling hair. Once I graduated high school, I immediately enrolled myself into Regency Beauty Institute. Once I graduated in 2007, I began my journey of building my career. I met our Owner Kelly as a co-worker and knew she had the passion and drive to open this company! I started working at Salon Antebellum the day we opened, January 16th, 2012! My biggest passion behind the chair is Color work, but no great color is complete without a fresh haircut!
My goal in the salon is to always be continuing to educate myself and others. Although I love my career, my family is my biggest priority out of the salon! I am beyond grateful for all of my amazing guests and the relationships we have built together. May it be making their hair dreams come true, making them feel beautiful, being a shoulder to lean on, or an ear to listen to them, i am here. So if you are new to me, Hello I’m Jenn! I am an experienced stylist in my salon company that strives for continued education and I would love to chat and help your hair dreams come true!
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Level 6 Artist
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Kaely found her passion in the beauty industry through helping people find comfort in their own personal beauty. Her journey began with her managing position at a beauty store, from there she continued on to start her education at Grabber School of Hair Design, where she graduated and soon after started thriving in her profession as a hairdresser. Kaely believes the most important part of what she does is making people fall in love with themselves. Which, perfectly represents the passionate, kind, bubbly, and determined person that she is. She knows the importance of customizing her work to the needs and wants of each individual guest. Kaely puts her heart and soul into each appointment and it is easy to see this is what she was meant to do. She believes that her biggest accomplishment in her career is level jumping 4 different times in only 2 years, making her now a level 4 stylist at Salon Antebellum. Kaely is very passionate about what she does and wants all future guests to know that she is always here to not only listen, but to actually hear them too.
The desire to make others feel confident and beautiful about themselves drew Autumn to the beauty industry. Autumn had always heard good things about Salon Antebellum and knew when she walked in and experienced its welcoming atmosphere that this was the place for her to further her education and build her career. She is constantly furthering herself in her knowledge of hair and has an eagerness to participate in ongoing education. Whether you are coming in for a dramatic transformation or just a trim, Autumn’s passion for what she does transfers to every guest that sits in her chair. Her warm and welcoming personality will make you feel right at home every single time.
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Level 4 Artist
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I graduated from Paul Mitchell in December 2017. While in school I started as a Front Desk Coordinator here at Salon Antebellum . I grew through our associates program into the artist I am today! I am Lady Antebellum certified, Deva Curl Level One Stylist, I’ve attended Sexy Hair Academy Structure and Motion Certification Class in 2019. In 2020, I reached my goal of obtaining my Crossover Barbering License. I began in the beauty industry while working both on stage and behind the scenes at Southeast Missouri State University where she received her B.A. in Theatre and Dance. I hope to get back into the theatre world doing hair and makeup design work for local theatre companies. My passion in the beauty industry lies in bringing out everyone's natural beauty, because everyone deserves to feel as beautiful on the outside as they do on the inside!
Level 2 Artist/Barber
Level 2 Artist
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 Coming out of a toxic relationship, that drained my self esteem, I needed to begin somewhere new. So I moved half way across the country with my one of my older sisters and her family, and she invited me to go to cosmetology school. I figured I had nothing to lose, so I took a leap of faith with her. I graduated from a Pivot Point school called Educators of Beauty in Rockford, IL, I’m 2011. I began my journey at Salon Antebellum in January of 2020. I was a fan girl for Sexy Hair at my previous corporate salon job, and Kelly happened to be an educator at the Discover show in 2019, and I was drawn to her energy. I found out she was the owner of Salon Antebellum, which I’d heard of before, and I knew I wanted to someday work for her! I REALLY enjoy traditional foil highlights! I could foil all day long! I also really enjoy giving a wonderful scalp massage, as I believe that it sets people up for a great day, or relieves them from a really difficult day. Oh and I appreciate a good blowout too! My goal is to replace my husband’s income and have financial freedom. I am always looking forward to expanding my knowledge, and I get that, because I am learning something new at Salon Antebellum every single day. I love what I do because I have the ability to help empower humans to feel gorgeous and confident! Everyone needs some positivity, and I love to be the change I want to see in the world! I would absolutely love to see you in my chair to help you feel gorgeous, confident and unstoppable!
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Since I was a little girl I have always been different when it came to my hair and makeup. I love trying new concepts and colors! My hair has never been the same for long and through that I found my passion for this industry. I attended Grabber School of Hair Design and graduated August 2019. I started my career at Salon Antebellum the day after I graduated. I was drawn to this salon because of Kelly Bileddo. I met her at school when she came to teach our class and talk about her Associates Program. I was in awe of her and her strength. She had such a strong presence and I was so excited that she came over to me and gave me her business card to come and shadow her company. Now I am a Level 2 Artist! My favorite services are anything my clients are wanting. I’m a very diverse stylist and have so much passion in everything I do behind the chair I can’t pick one just one or two. My goal in this company is to keep growing and keep making my clients happy! I love what I do because of my salon family and my clients. My clients keep me going everyday. I love seeing them and hearing all about their family’s. We have grown so close and I feel so comfortable with them like my own family. If you are new to me, Hi I’m Claire! I’m here for you and will always be honest and open with you. I’m a huge goofball and you will always have a blast in my chair!
Level 2 Artist
As a little girl I have always had a passion for all things beauty. Growing up a Girly Girl I knew I belonged in this industry. I started at South County Tech in 2019 to receive my license in Cosmetology. Once I graduated I worked for another hair company and found I was not receiving the growth and education I deserved as a professional. So I found Salon Antebellum and started my journey in 2020. Through the associates program, I found my passion for Weddings and Makeup! Now I am currently working towards my goal of having a dual license in Barbering and Cosmetology! I also really enjoy fun fashion colors! My goal in my career at the moment is to be an amazing Barber! My favorite part of a service is the smile on my clients face when we are finished, making people feel good about themselves is my biggest win! If you haven’t met me yet, Hi I’m Megan and I would love to enhance your color and style for you!
Level 1 Artist
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Level 1 Artist
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I was drawn to this industry because I wanted to combine my creativity while connecting with others. I have a vivid imagination, and I love to help others. I got my start in the beauty industry after the art school I was attending closed. I was searching for a new creative outlet. I have always enjoyed doing the hair and makeup of my friends and family, and found the perfect way to keep pushing myself artistically while helping others feel confident in themselves. I graduated from Grabber School of Hair Design in June of 2019. I started my career at Salon Antebellum in August of 2019. I was first drawn to Salon Antebellum after meeting the owner Kelly, and shadowing with our stylist Autumn. They immediately had me jump in, and right away I saw what a hard working, positive environment they have. I also loved that I knew I was going to be supported and continued to be educated. I enjoy doing a wide variety of services! The things that bring me the most joy and creativity are fashion/vivid colors, classic color formulations, makeup applications, and blonding services. My professional goals are to one day become a fashion color expert, and color specialist. I also plan to master my craft and educate others. I love what I do because I know how important it is to look and feel confident on the inside and outside. I understand that for some people this can be a very therapeutic experience. I love being a part of my client’s hair journey and helping them feel as beautiful as they truly are. Something I might say to a potential client to get them in my chair would be to ask them questions of what they love and don’t love about their hair. I would also let them know that at salon Antebellum we have an amazing family that is going to support them in their journey, and that when they are here they will have a fun, welcoming, and educational experience.
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Level 1 Artist
Curl Specialist Rezo Certified

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Having Curly hair, I would always research and try new things to keep my hair beautiful and healthy. While doing this, I found the Curly Community! I graduated from Paul Mitchell the School St Louis in November 2019. I originally took a position at Salon Antebellum as a receptionist to get a feel of what the salon life was like while I was in school. After working here for a few months I realized that Salon antebellum was the place for me. I love the environment and family atmosphere! Everyone is so supportive, and I love always having access to education! Once I graduated school, I transitioned to the associates program in December 2019. I love all hair types but I have a passion for curly hair. Whether they are coming in for Color or a haircut I want to help others embrace their natural curls and learn how to keep their hair beautiful and healthy! With heavy dedication, education, and passion I have become our Curl Specialist, and now I am beginning my journey to become an Educator!
So let’s sit down and talk! I would love to help you be more comfortable and confident with your curls!
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Level 1 Artist
My career in cosmetology was sparked by my love of making people feel beautiful inside and out.
I graduated cosmetology school from grabber in July 2019. I started working at Salon Antebellum August 2020. I felt drawn to Salon Antebellum because of the energy and charisma that each diverse stylist brings to the table. Some of my favorite services to provide are men’s haircuts and blonding. My professional goals are definitely to level jump within the company and receive my dual license in Barbering and Cosmetology! I love what I do because I love making my clients feel more confident and proud to be who they are. I would like each client to know that in my chair I will always listen and do my best to deliver their dream appearance.
Level 1 Artist
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I have always dreamt of working in the beauty industry. The idea of making people feel beautiful about themselves drove me to a career that I am in love with! I began my journey at Grabber School of Hair Design and graduated the program in March of 2020. When visiting our salon company and meeting our owner Kelly, I was so drawn in by how welcoming everyone is! I excitedly began my journey here at Salon Antebellum in May of 2020. My goal behind the chair is to build an amazing color clientele and make you feel amazing! My passion is Color work and Makeup Applications, although I enjoy providing many services to my guests! I feel very honored to be able to do what I love and create something new every day! If you haven’t met me yet, hello I'm Serona! Let’s talk about what your ultimate hair goals are and make a custom plan just for you to make your hair dreams come true!
Abby Gaeng
Level 1 Artist
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What drew me to our industry was word of mouth from old employees and I really wanted to be somewhere that was a family. I saw Kelly, our owner, do a demo and fell in love with her teaching style immediately. I wanted to learn how to cut hair as beautifully as she does. I graduated from Grabber school of Hair Design in December of 2020. I started with the company in the beginning of January 2021. What drew me to Salon Antebellum was my mentor Kaely, I was just looking around at salons when I shadowed at the salon and the moment I met Kaely I swear I knew her from a past life. My favorite services are balayages, color corrections, and eyebrow arches!  My professional goals are to be a Level 4 Artist in 3ish years and making almost 6 figures. I also would love to get my barber and esthetician license. I love what I do because I love making women and men fall in love with their image again. A lot of the time people don’t know what they need so when I help prescribe them with the things that make them feel like them again it makes me remember why I do what I do. I would always try to ask as many questions as possible so I can fully understand what they have and have not enjoyed with their past stylists and experiences. My goal is to make my clients feel at home and feel safe and comfortable in my chair at all times.




I have always been attracted to the artistry that lies within the beauty industry and salon environment. It is incredibly fulfilling to make people feel beautiful and build new relationships with them everyday. I feel most like myself when I am working with creative and passionate minds! Everyone is always focused on what we can improve! While working here I can't help but feel determined to do my best. This is an experience that has helped me grow like no other! 
I am attending college part time along with my job here at Salon Antebellum. I thrive in the fine arts department and ultimately my major is undecided. They have been super accommodating with my school schedule and continuously offer me opportunities that will help me build my future.
I chose Salon Antebellum for the continued education and the fact that I can be exactly who I am with no judgement. The welcoming environment makes me feel comfortable and confident to excel in my career! I am currently in cosmetology school and plan to join the Associates Program here to become a successful stylist!
As a client I loved being in the environment here at Salon Antebellum! The energy is so contagious and everyone is a big family. I am currently in cosmetology school and my goal is to be an extremely successful who specializes in Blonding, Vivid Colors, and Extension. I am so excited to Join the Salon Antebellum Associates Program!