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Jenn has been an artist at Salon Antebellum since its beginning in 2012. As a young lady, Jennifer adored the craft of hair. “I wanted to do hair since I can remember”.  She remembers styling her sister and her friend’s hair for dances when she was a kid. Jenn is a mother to three beautiful children and the love and understanding she brings to her guests reflects that. Fresh perspective is always plentiful in Jenn’s chair and her true desire to give her guests the look they have always dreamt of shines through in her work. She has taken an active role to continue her education over the course of time specializing in the art of hair. Jenn describes herself as thorough, balances and creative. Her favorite service is color but she loves every part of what she does. She is driven by the transformations of finish. Jenn says she almost feels as though she gets more excited about her appointments than her guest because she loves her job that much!


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The desire to make others feel confident and beautiful about themselves drew Autumn to the beauty industry. Autumn had always heard good things about Salon Antebellum and knew when she walked in and experienced its welcoming atmosphere that this was the place for her to further her education and build her career. She is constantly furthering herself in her knowledge of hair and has an eagerness to participate in ongoing education. Whether you are coming in for a dramatic transformation or just a trim, Autumn’s passion for what she does transfers to every guest that sits in her chair. Her warm and welcoming personality will make you feel right at home every single time.



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Kaely found her passion in the beauty industry through helping people find comfort in their own personal beauty. Her journey began with her managing position at a beauty store, from there she continued on to start her education at Grabber School of Hair Design, where she graduated and soon after started thriving in her profession as a hairdresser. Kaely believes the most important part of what she does is making people fall in love with themselves. Which, perfectly represents the passionate, kind, bubbly, and determined person that she is. She knows the importance of customizing her work to the needs and wants of each individual guest. Kaely puts her heart and soul into each appointment and it is easy to see this is what she was meant to do. She believes that her biggest accomplishment in her career is level jumping 4 different times in only 2 years, making her now a level 4 stylist at Salon Antebellum. Kaely is very passionate about what she does and wants all future guests to know that she is always here to not only listen, but to actually hear them too.

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“Being able to personalize every client and make them feel confident in themselves.” is what drives Lexi’s passion to be a hairstylist. Lexi got her education through Grabber School of Hair design and throughout her career so far her favorite part of what she does is cutting men’s hair. Lexi’s committed, trustworthy, and observant personality is part of what makes her so good in her career. Lexi loves to learn and is always open to and eager to trying and learning new things. She has the goal to grow her skills and stay on top of new trends so she can keep up with her clients wants and needs as things change and evolve in the industry.

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Elizabeth graduated from Paul Mitchell in December 2017. Elizabeth started as our front desk coordinator in November of 2017. She grew through our associates program into the artist she is today. Elizabeth is Lady Antebellum certified, Deva Curl Level One Stylist, and attended Sexy Academy Structure and Motion certification class in 2019. Her goal is to train for her cross over barber's license in 2020. Elizabeth began her career in the beauty industry while working both on stage and behind the scenes at Southeast Missouri State University where she received her B.A. in Theater and Dance. She hopes to get back into the theater world doing hair and makeup design work for local theatre companies. Her passion in the beauty industry lies in bringing out everyone's natural beauty. She believes everyone deserves to feel as beautiful on the outside as they do on the inside!



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Becca is a level 1 artist that recently joined us after being licensed in Missouri and Illinois for over 10 years.  She is happily married with two sons that keep her busy. Becca says, "I believe in giving a great shampoo and scalp massage, as you just never know what someone is going through, and making them feel pampered and relaxed is so important to me. I am well versed in a variety of hair textures and types, and LOVE doing color, highlights and sculpting the hair into a shape that works for each individual that I have the pleasure of working on."

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Silvija has been in the hair industry for 15 plus years. She was born in Croatia and was raised in Chicago. Silvija began her career in the salon industry in Chicago and moved to St. Louis in 2005. She has been married for 14 years and is a mother of four; 2 girls and 2 boys. She has had a passion for hair since she was young. That passion has grown even more since she joined the Salon Antebellum family in October of 2019. She loves to make her guest feel their best; from the moment they walk in, to the shampoo bowl for a scalp massage to the moment they walk out of the salon.“The best hairdressers never stop learning.”



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Claire joined Salon Antebellum in August of 2019 after graduating from Grabber School of Hair Design.  Claire excelled in her associates program in our salon company. Claire grew up in Utah and moved to St. Louis in 2008.  She has 2 beautiful children and quickly building her business in our salon company.


Level 1 Artist

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Megan graduated from south county technical school in May 2019. Megan says she knew since she was a little girl that she wanted a career in cosmetology! Makeup is her specialty but in general loves making people feel beautiful. Seeing each client happy at the end is the most rewarding part of her job.  Megan is currently training in our associates program and eager to build herself in our salon company.



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Level 1 Artist

Anna joined Salon Antebellum after graduating from Grabber School of Hair Design in 2019. She finished her associates program in 2020 and is currently building a successful clientele.

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Level 1 Artist | Curl Specialist  

Having Curly hair, I would always research and try new things to keep my hair beautiful and healthy. While doing this, I found the Curly Community! I graduated from Paul Mitchell the School St Louis in November 2019. I originally took a position at Salon Antebellum as a receptionist to get a feel of what the salon life was like while I was in school. After working here for a few months I realized that Salon antebellum was the place for me. I love the environment and family atmosphere! Everyone is so supportive, and I love always having access to education! Once I graduated school, I transitioned to the associates program in December 2019. I love all hair types but I have a passion for curly hair. Whether they are coming in for Color or a haircut I want to help others embrace their natural curls and learn how to keep their hair beautiful and healthy! With heavy dedication, education, and passion I have become our Curl Specialist, and now I am beginning my journey to become an Educator!

So let’s sit down and talk! I would love to help you be more comfortable and confident with your curls!

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Sophie‘s career in cosmetology was sparked by her love of making people feel beautiful inside and out.
She graduated cosmetology school from grabber in July 2019.
Sophie felt drawn to Salon Antebellum because of the energy and charisma that each diverse stylist brings to the table.
She would like each client to know that in her chair she will always listen and do her best to deliver their dream appearance.


Level 1 Artist


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Serona has always had a passion for hair and makeup. She decided to attend cosmetology school at Grabber in April of 2019. Knowing how amazing she felt when she has her hair and makeup done, she wanted other people to have that same experience too. If she is  able to help someone feel better about themselves, then she feels her job is done. She chose to work at Salon Antebellum because of the continued education, and felt she also found her family.

"I’m so happy and thankful to be able to build myself not only as a stylist but as a person. Salon Antebellum really feels like family and I hope every person that walks through our doors feels that way too. " - Serona



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Associate in Training





Mackenzie joined Salon Antebellum in 2019 as our leader in coordinating the running of day to day leadership at the Front Desk.  Mackenzie graduated with a degree in Performing Arts while in New York  before joining our salon company. 


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